About Jamie

As a Beverly business owner and family man, Jamie Zarella was never planning to enter politics and run for mayor. Jamie has been a resident of Beverly his entire life and is a Beverly business owner, as a result he is invested in the community both personally and professionally.

Jamie has been married to his beautiful wife Shelley for 37 years and has two wonderful daughters, Melanie and Meaghan. He didn’t just grow up in Beverly, he raised his family in this community and now his granddaughter will be raised here as well. His roots in Beverly are deep and he’s invested in improving the lives of its residents. For over 25 years he has reached out to the community and provided food, clothing, time and assistance all while running his local family owned business, Big Jim’s Auto Body.

Jamie loves the city of Beverly and that is why he wants to be your next Mayor. He has lived on Windsor Road for 58 years, graduated from Beverly’s “Claude H Patten” vocational school, and started working at his father’s Beverly based business, Big Jim’s Auto Body, at the age of nine. His father, Jimmy Zarella, started this locally based business in 1960 and Jamie is still proud to be operating in Beverly today. It was at his father’s business that he did everything he could from an early age to learn what it takes to run a successful business. He did every type of job you could imagine from sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, sanding and taping cars. This is where Jamie gained his passionate work ethic and dedication to commitment.

Jamie’s mother Carol was a strong family-oriented woman that always greeted everyone with a smile. She worked for many years at Beverly National Bank before she joined Jamie’s father in the family business. His mother was the glue that kept them all together. Jamie was fortunate enough to take over Big Jim’s Auto Body from his father in 1996. Jamie expanded the already flourishing company by operating with honesty, hard work, and by building trust with the citizens of Beverly. These three core beliefs of honesty, hard work, and trust were the foundation of his upbringing and for this he thanks his late mother Carol along with his late father Jim. With the Citizens of Beverly and his core beliefs Jamie knows he can make a great Mayor for you.

City Hall is in disarray and disconnected from the Citizens of Beverly. City Hall has not heard the concerns from our community members and neighborhoods. Jamie plans to change this by implementing a strategic open forum policy. Creating this structure will allow citizens direct open communication with public officials and in return receive faster response times, more responsive follow-ups and faster resolutions. He believes that in politics and in life, communication improves any situation.

Beverly’s Police and Fire Departments are grossly understaffed while the current political leadership continues to add more high-rise apartment buildings, and with it, more citizens. This creates a higher demand for the city’s first responders while they continue to have fewer resources available. Our children, neighborhoods, and first responders deserve better. With both the Fire and Police Department operating in a diminished capacity the ability to protect our children and our neighborhoods are greatly compromised. They need a larger work force and more equipment to maintain safety throughout this great city.

The roads in the city are a disgrace while the neighborhoods with recent gas work remain unpaved. Beverly’s roadways have gone unattended for far too long. The Hall Whittaker Bridge is still waiting for construction to begin. It is affecting the Ryal Side neighborhoods, many local businesses, and has made traffic in our city unbearable. Jamie will focus all the needed attention to get this bridge repaired in a timetable we all can understand.

As a business owner Jamie understands how to budget, how to spend wisely, and where to save. When he looks at the city’s budget, he sees funds being poorly allocated and sorely mismanaged. He can find ways to better allocate the city’s funds with more efficient distribution to the core groups that best represent the Citizens of Beverly. Putting money back into our schools, roads, parks, and first responders, he is committed to putting money back into areas that benefit the communities and neighborhoods.

He promises to give all his effort and dedicate himself to this community and to this fine city that we all love. It is time for a change in Beverly. This is our home and together we can make a difference.


From Beverly.

  • Born and raised in Beverly
  • Married 37 years to wife, Shelley
  • Father of 2 daughters, Melanie (33) Meaghan (30)
  • Graduated from Claude H Patten Vocational School (‘82)
  • Member, Beverly Elks Club, Beverly ICC
  • Business owner, Big Jim’s Auto Body (25+ years)
  • Founded & funded private community outreach program (25+ years)

For Beverly.

  • Roads & Sidewalks
  • Hall-Whitaker Bridge
  • City Hall Open Door Policy
  • Reduce Excessive City Spending

From Beverly. For Beverly